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Rules and Regulations

Please read the following rules before participating in the fest. Any entries not complying with these rules will be automatically disqualified. I'm sorry, but don't make me go all Uther on you! (No, seriously. Please don't. I'd rather be the adorable boy-wizard that everyone wants to get their hands on.)

1. All entries must be set in the future. (After the end of Season One.)

2. No entry may deviate in any way from known canonical facts.

3. All entrants must include the following information in their entries.

4. All entrants must tag their entries appropriately, as per these rules.

5. No entry may be posted outside of thefuturefest until a week after the submission date.

6. All entries are due by 1 September 2009.


Elaboration of Rule #1: Futurism.
The whole point of this fest is to produce entries set in the future, and so you may not set any of your entries in the past. The only exception is if the majority of your entry is set in the future and you have the occasional flashback to the past; that's okay, as long as you don't change any of the past canonical facts. See below for further information on canonical correctness.

Elaboration of Rule #2: Canonical Correctness.
In your entry, you must be careful not to contradict or modify any canonical event that has already taken place in the course of Season 1. Thus, no "alternate universes" are possible in this fest; everything that has occurred in canon thus far will remain unchanged. It's only the future that we're toying with! For help with adhering to canon facts, consider the Merlin Wiki.

Elaboration of Rule #3: Entry Format.
When posting your entry, kindly follow the following format (the line in bold signifies the subject header of your entry):

Warnings (optional):
Prompt (optional):

<LJ-CUT>Your entry beneath the cut.</CUT>

Simple, huh? Well, okay, maybe not. Here's a list of definitions for the above terms, so that you know what you're actually saying when you say it. :)
  • Category: FIC, ART or VID. If your entry is a hybrid, then you can mention more than one category, such as FIC+ART.
  • Timeframe: You absolutely must include this! Choose from one of the following timeframes:
    • 0-1 Years
    • 2-5 Years
    • 5-10 Years
    • 10-20 Years
    • Distant Future
    • Multiple
    Each timeframe represents how many years in the future your entry is set. For example, if it's set immediately after season 1, it'll fit into the "0-1 years" timeframe, but if it's set after 7 years, it'll fit into the "5-10 years" timeframe. Similarly, an entry set in the "distant future" might grapple with what happens 30 years after the events of season 1, or perhaps even after Arthur departs for Avalon. And finally, by "multiple," I mean an entry that spans several timeframes, such as a story that starts at the end of season 1 and continues until Arthur's death at the hands of an older Mordred. (Sob! I didn't want to say it. But I needed an example, damn it...)
  • Warnings: These are only necessary if what you're posting contains material that might truly upset some fans, such as character death, rape, child abuse, gore or unusual sexual proclivities.
  • Prompt: Only required if you're actually responding to a prompt that you've claimed from the official claims post. If your entry isn't based on anyone's prompt or idea, then you can leave this out. But if you do have a prompt, please do not cut-paste it unless it is less than 3 lines long. If the prompt more than 3 lines long, please link to it instead of pasting the whole prompt. You know how people left their prompts at the claims post? Well, if your prompt is too long, just link to the relevant comment on that post.

Elaboration of Rule #4: Tags.
Please tag your entry correctly. The compulsory tags are:
  • round: 1st
  • category: fic/art/vid/hybrid
  • timeframe: 0-1 years/2-5 years/5-10 years/10-20 years/distant future/multiple
  • pairing: [choose from the existing tags or, if your pairing isn't there, ask me to add it]
  • rating: g/pg/pg-13/r/nc-17

Elaboration of Rule #5: Posting Limitations.
You may not post your entry on your own journal or any other website until a week after posting your story on thefuturefest. After that week has past, though, go crazy! Post anywhere you like! Please note that chapters from a multi-chaptered story cannot be published anywhere else at all until a week after the whole story has come to a conclusion. It won't be counted as a proper "submission" unless it's complete, see? So if you've got 5 chapters of a novella, you can only post those chapters elsewhere after you've posted the very last chapter on thefuturefest - and then waited for a week to pass. This is not just me being mean-spirited; rather, I hope that the posting limitations will encourage people to finish their works in progress. The sooner they finish them, the sooner they can post their epics somewhere else!

Elaboration of Rule #6: Due Date.
The first round of the Future Fest ends on 1 September 2009, which means that all entries must be submitted by then. This includes the final chapters of any multi-chaptered stories that you may have been writing for the fest. You've got six months, people; there isn't any conceivable reason for not meeting the deadline!

Elaboration of Rule #7: No Non-Submission Posts.
Any non-submission posts are not allowed, save by the mods. "Non-submission posts" are any posts that are not official fest submissions. Unless your post is a entry for the fest, it isn't a valid post! It will be summarily deleted. If you have questions about the fest or are confused, there's no need to post about it; just contact me at saucery AT yahoo DOT com.

That's it for the rules! Have a fun fest, people!


The Future Fest

Celebrate the omnipotence of fen! Join the Future Fest and help shape the destinies of your favorite Arthurian characters. Inspired by the new television series, Merlin, the Future Fest endeavors to stay true to canon while still exploiting its limitless possibilities.

Rules can be found here.
Prompts and claims are here.

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