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Requests and Claims

Righty-o, then! Here's the ubiquitous claims post. Feel free to offer your most cherished fantasies for Merlin's future! Where would you like the show to go? What would you like to see happen next? And what do you think might happen in the distant future, with all your favorite characters, long after the five seasons of the show are done? Anything and everything you can possibly imagine for the show's future has a definite chance of being written, drawn or vidded here. Get loose! Get freaky. Uh huh. Uh huh.

The following rules might help you better adhere to the threadbare requirements of this humble fest. Please follow these rules, and spare me the trouble of spitting fire futilely in my underground cave while you hand my special magic sword over to someone else! Even if it is Uther Pendragon. Yes, that's right. I'm looking at you, young warlocks. Have a care.

1. All requests must be made in the form of comments to this post.

2. All requests must be set in the future. (After the end of Season One.)

3. No request may deviate in any way from known canonical facts.

4. Anyone can make a request; only a member may claim it.

5. Requests must be claimed by replying to the comments in which the requests were made.

6. You may make or claim as many requests as you like.

7. Any number of people may claim a request, so long as they each do something unique with it.

8. Your requests may be as long or as short as you like. Simple prompts are okay, too.

9. Yes, you can claim your own prompt. Just make sure to leave a comment saying that you are.

10. If there is a particular pairing or situation that you definitely do not want to see, say so.

Go ahead and make your requests, everyone! Make as many as you'd like; claim as many as you'd like. You have to be a member to claim a request, though. Keep that in mind.

Once you've claimed a prompt, go here to read the submission rules. Do not post to this community if you a) haven't read the submission rules, or b) aren't sure that you'll be able to obey them. But if you are ready to play by the rules, then you're more than welcome to join our happy little fest! Claim a prompt and get going! The deadline is the 1st of September 2009, so there's plenty of time for you to churn out an entry or two.

Contact me if you have any questions. My email address is saucery AT yahoo DOT com. I'm also leaving a few requests below, just to show the rest of you how it's done. (Ha. Well, the real motive is to get someone to claim my prompts. Hee!)


Mar. 1st, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
And one more... for now! Muahahaha!

No pairing to request — use any you like or none at al!

Morgana becomes a vampire. Rumors fly among those who don't know that she's just locked away in the darkest rooms of the castle during the day: she was banished by Uther, she argued too much Arthur, she started practicing sorcery, she had an illicit love child with Arthur, she died in the night duiing her visions, she eloped... and meanwhile Morgana hears it all and despairs. She should also spend some good amount of time with Gwen, who continues to attend to her, and Merlin, who understands, to some extent, her problem.



Just before Mordred can strike Arthur with the last, fatal blow, Merlin unintentionally sends himself and Arthur to the future — any future you like. This is not Arthur's return from Avalon — this is an Arthur who has not yet died. He and Merlin must adjust to their new surroundings (and especially to new technology, especially if the humor is upped for it). Merlin is disappointed that the future seems devoid of magic; Arthur is disappointed that he is in neither Camelot nor Albion. They both feel guilty about leaving the other behind (Gwen, Morgana, Lancelot, and the other knights, that is — anyone they cared about whose life was at risk). They don't know what happened to Camelot after they left and struggle to find out while trying to survive in a world they aren't prepared for.

Can Merlin not make contact with the past? Can he bring some people forward in time with them? Can they ever return, or at they stuck in this new world forever?

I'd love it if you were creative with the setting, too. The place, that is — ideally I'd like it to be modern times, though it doesn't have to be. If it could be some place that isn't England, at least as a start (if they can find out that Albion = England they'd probably travel there, anyway), that would be fantastic. Where do they land — America (in LA, New York, or smack dab in a super-conservative town)? Japan (so that the people are unfamiliar, the technology is unfamiliar, the language is unfamiliar — they don't even know if they're on Earth anymore)? An African savannah? India? Canada? It's up to yooou!

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